Ps Artbooks Catman Facsmile Ed #3


Synopsis: : Holyoke Publishing Cat-Man: ISSUES : #3 Cat-Man,' Issue 3, penned by Charles M. Quinlan, delves deeper into the gripping adventures of David Merryweather, the daring hero known as Cat-Man. Released in 1941, this installment thrusts readers into a world of danger and intrigue as Cat-Man confronts a new wave of criminal masterminds threatening the city. With his keen intellect and unmatched agility, Cat-Man navigates through a web of deception and peril, determined to protect the innocent and uphold justice. Quinlan's masterful storytelling continues to captivate audiences, delivering pulse-pounding action and suspense that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page.

  • Publisher: PS ARTBOOKS
  • Writer/Artist: Charles Quinlan
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