Alter Nation Medium AF Cs (C: 1-1-2)


Developed by asking kids what they wanted in a new line of action figures, the first phase of Alter Nation figures launches this October! The product of a military experiment on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, the GK Delta Special Forces are a team of human-animal hybrid given extraordinary powers and abilities to create the ultimate soldier! They uncover the secret conspiracy that created them while also saving a humanity that fears them! The Alter Nation Medium Figures include Quillory, the heavy metal fan armed with a barbell; Daart, the team's young recruit; and Sabotage, the cyborg mutant who seeks to destroy the GK Delta Special Forces Team at all costs! Each figure comes with accessories and is ready for action!

  • Publisher: Toys & Models
  • Product Code: AUG192778
  • Expected Ship Date: 10/2/2019
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