***December 2017 DC Universe: Rebirth Bundle #4*** Limit 2 Per Customer*

***December 2017 DC Universe: Rebirth Bundle #4*** LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER*

*Special Discount*

December Special!! Try new DC Universe: Rebirth issues for 50% off!*LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER* DCBS Note: During the month of January, this item will be replaced on your order summaries with 3 lines corresponding with each of the 3 DC Universe: Rebirth issues. The total for the 3 lines will equal $5.97 (or multiples of $5.97 if you order multiples of this special). This includes 3 books with a regular price of $3.99. If you select bags and boards for other items in your order, then bags and boards will also be added during the month of January to these 3 issues at the normal bag and board prices. This bundle includes the titles: BATMAN BEYOND #17 TRINITY #18 TEEN TITANS #17

  • Publisher: DC Comics/DC Universe: Batman
  • Product Code: DEC170265A
  • Expected Ship Date:
  • Regular Price: $11.97
  • DCBS Price: $5.97
  • You save 50%!
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