For As Long As It Rains GN (MR)


A pair of musicians elope to an isolated cabin for a romantic weekend together, knowing they'll soon have to go back to their respective lives away from each other. For the moment, it’s as if time itself had been suspended, as if nothing exists, save for the words of love they whisper to each other and the taste of dry sweat on skin—but something lurks right underneath the surface, in the nameless gap between passion and reason. An atmospheric, introspective look at modern love, sex, and music, FOR AS LONG AS IT RAINS is the winner of multiple awards, including the prestigious Joe Shuster Award. For Mature Readers. It's in turns playful, erotic, emotionally tense, fractious, and ultimately despairing. —Rob Clough, High-Low

  • Publisher: Pow Pow Press
  • Writer/Artist/Cover: Zviane
  • Product Code: DEC237403
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