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The current print run for this title is limited, but is expected to go back to print. 80 pages DITKO PACKAGE 2nd Edition, the 2001 version of the collection of some of Ditko's independent hero work of the 1970s and 1980s, including four stories of Shag (which should be of particular interest to fans of Ditko's Creeper), two stories with Killjoy (from the back-ups in E-MAN in the 1970s, some of my favourite Ditko work ever), plus Recage, the Corrector and Ditko's various strange "Heads" strips. A great sample of some of Ditko's action artwork and storytelling. This 2001 edition is slightly larger than the original 1989 first edition (7x10 instead of 6x9). "Shag And The Uglies" - 5 pages "Heads 1" - 1 page "Shag Vs. The Smasher" - 8 pages "Corrector" - 8 pages "The Secrets Of Dr. Universe" - 13 pages "Heads 2" - 1 page "Killjoy And Killer Ded" - 8 pages "Shag And The Earthquake" - 13 pages "Heads 3" - 1 page "Recage And The Diamond Gang" - 13 pages "It's Either... Or..." - 1 page "Killjoy And The Flame" - 8 pages

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