Knives Out Original Movie Soundtrack 2Xlp (Net) (C: 0-1-1)


Mondo and Cut Narrative are proud to present the original score to Rian Johnson's 2019 whodunit KNIVES OUT. Nathan Johnson is Rian's long time collaborator (BRICK, THE BROTHERS BLOOM, LOOPER) and a master of genre - able to deftly pivot from the chaotic noise of the future LOOPER to the classic orchestral strings and stings needed to underscore this New England murder-mystery. This vinyl release features three bonus tracks not available anywhere else. This 2X 180 Gram vinyl set is housed in a beautiful package designed by Jay Shaw, featuring a die-cut window and containing one of nine randomly inserted 'Suspect' cards. Pressed on 2x 180 Gram Black Vinyl. Composed by Nathan Johnson Artwork by Jay Shaw Track List Side A 01. Knives Out! (String Quartet in G Minor) 02. The Thrombey Estate 03. Like Father, Like Son 04. The Thrombey Family Theme (Solo Piano) 05. Double-Dipping 06. Snooping 07. On The Eve of Harlan's Demise 08. Harlan's Plan 09. The Attic Room Side B 10. The Game's Afoot 11. The Broken Trellis 12. Knives Out! (Pt. II - The Will) 13. Foul Play 14. The Dumbest Car Chase of All Time Side C 15. Blackmail 16. No More Surprises 17. Blanc's Tale (Pt. I) 18. Blanc's Tale (Pt. II) 19. The Thrombey Family Theme Side D - Bonus Tracks 20. The Wake (Solo Piano - Full Version) 21. Party People 22. Walt Doesn't Run Shit

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