Magic The Gathering (Mtg) #12 Cvr A Mercado


* A newly-debuted Planeswalker must reach Ravnica to seek Kaya the ghost assassin's help with a vengeful specter, while Chandra seeks ancient machines that could breach the unseen barrier around Ravnica, and Garruk's tireless pursuit of the sadistic and elusive Tibalt may be Chandra's best lead. * Meanwhile, our new trio of Planeswalkers join together as their goals align, speeding off to pick up the trail in Emeria, the shifting Sky Ruin in Zendikar! * But should they succeed in reaching Ravnica, they'll face the master dominating Tibalt and Davriel, perhaps the greatest mage the plane has ever known…

  • Publisher: BOOM! Studios
  • Writer: Jed MacKay
  • Artist: Ig Guara
  • Cover Artist: Miguel Mercado
  • Product Code: JAN220749
  • Expected Ship Date: 3/2/2022
  • Regular Price: $4.99
  • DCBS Price: $3.24
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