Mars Invades Venus (Nude Variant) (O/A)

Mars Invades Venus (Nude Variant) (O/A)

In honor of all those B-movies from the 1950’s and ‘60’s comes…Mars Invades Venus! When tech-savvy Martians invade female-ruled Venus, the battle is on! Why are the Martians invading? Are there any men at all on Venus? Can the Amazonian women of Venus stand up to ships and guns with spears and clubs? Did we mention that they also ride dinosaurs? Book also available with Nude variant cover! 56 pages! Copies are limited and from our successful Kickstarter run! Includes uncensored pin-ups from artist Larry Nadolsky! Any further printings will be without the pin-ups so order yours NOW!!

  • Publisher: GOOD IDEAS COMICS
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