Assassins Creed Visionaries Powder Decima #1 Cvr C (MR)


Patrick Boutin Gagné is a comic book artist and freelance illustrator known for his work on Puss in Boots for Dreamworks, on Ultimate Spiderman and as an illustrator for projects like Far Cry 5 and Rainbow Six: Siege. In our first tale DECIMA, one bloody night, before recorded time, a young warrior watches as her family and the rest of their village are brutally slaughtered. The only hope of saving her tribe is to pick up an axe, steel her nerves, and join the fray. DECIMA is a tale of loss, respect, and valour, stepping into the far reaches of human history, further than previously ventured in the Assassin's Creed universe. By writer ED BRISSON and artist CHRIS JOHNSON. Then in POWDER, the Templars expand their influence around the globe, while expanding their coffers at home, flooding China with opium. And while the brotherhood is slow to act, a pair of Assassins from separate guilds sow chaos amid the Templar fleet. By writer FRED KENNEDY and artist NICK MARINKOVICH, the team behind the IMAGE COMICS hit series DEAD ROMAN!

  • Publisher: MASSIVE
  • Writer: Ed Brisson, Fred Kennedy
  • Artist: Chris Johnson, Nick Marinkovich
  • Cover Artist: Patrick Boutin Gagne
  • Product Code: JUL240986
  • Expected Ship Date: 9/18/2024
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  • DCBS Price: $3.24
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