Uglydolls To Go Plush Asst 201901 (Net) (C: 1-1-2)

UGLYDOLLS TO GO PLUSH ASST 201901 (Net) (C: 1-1-2)

From Hasbro Toy Group. Kids can ug-it-out with these cozy UglyDolls To-Go stuffed toys inspired by the kooky characters from the UglyDolls movie. These soft dolls have a quirky style all their own! Each toy's embroidery details bring their personality to life, and the soft, huggable material keep the snuggles coming! Kids can clip each To-Go plush to their backpacks or anywhere they see fit to add some Ugly-fied flair. They can also link them to other plush To-Go toys, so the more kids collect, the longer their portable chain of awkwardly awesome friends grows!

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  • Product Code: JUN192556
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  • DCBS Price: $38.25
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