Weird #1 Facsimile Ed (MR) (C: 0-1-0)


Originally released 55 years ago in 1966, it was to be entitled 'Eerie' but Warren jumped the gun by publishing Eerie #1 very quickly as an ashcan comic to secure the copyright. So the title of this comic magazine was changed at the last minute to Weird and they used Eerie Publications for their company name. The competition was so intense to get the 'Eerie' title that the final cover for this comic magazine was released without even being finished!! And it is reproduced here in all its unfinished glory. Although the cover of this first issue is tame, WEIRD went on to publish the most bizarre, hideously violent and gory covers ever seen in comics. The front covers featured torture, mutilations, disembowlments, beheadings, cannibalism, brain and organ transplants and so much more in full bloody color. The first issue is a hard to obtain, high priced collectors item usually found in terrible condition due to the exceedingly cheap paper it was printed on. This facsimile faithfully reproduces the entire first issue- on MUCH better paper stock that will last!!

  • Writer: Carl Burgos
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