Night Thrasher Remix TP


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Nineties sensation Night Thrasher - breakout star of the classic young hero team the New Warriors - stars in his first series in 30 years! It's time to thrash the night! Dwayne Taylor's days as the skateboarding super hero Night Thrasher are long over. But when the death of a loved one draws him back to New York City, Dwayne finds the past difficult to outrun - especially when Silhouette, his ex-girlfriend and former New Warriors teammate, seeks his help against a new criminal called the O.G.! As the reunited pair see their relationship heat up, Dwayne is betrayed by one of his oldest and closest allies - and takes on a new look for a new era. But the mystery of the O.G.'s true identity - and what's to come - will change Night Thrasher's legacy forever! And it may end up destroying the very people he seeks to protect… COLLECTING: Night Thrasher (2024) 1-4 Rated T+

  • Publisher: Marvel Comics/Marvel Trades
  • Writer: J Holtham
  • Artist: Nelson Daniel
  • Cover Artist: Alan Quah
  • Product Code: JUN240924
  • Expected Ship Date: 10/9/2024
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