Kids & Monsters #1 (of 4) Cvr A Smith


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The stylized artist behind Godzilla: War for Humanity (IDW), Jake Smith is a perfect fit for the unique world of Kids & Monsters! STRANGER THINGS meets POKÉMON in Adam Lawson's KIDS & MONSTERS. The co-writer of Massive's hit series The Exiled, and the director of Wil Wheaton's TableTop, Spellslingers, Sagas of Sundry and Escape the Night, delivers something for younger readers in this all-new teen horror-adventure. Three troubled teenagers from the crumbling town of Lovelock get sucked into an ancient war after finding monsters in their backpacks. With cracks forming around their town seeming to mirror their parents' looming divorce, a path has opened to the realm of Beasts and Monsters. The trio tries to navigate the war at home while they fight to survive the one raging between the World Within and the World We Know. With the help of the Monsters in their backpacks, will they be able to stop the Red Beasts and save their family?

  • Publisher: MASSIVE
  • Writer: Adam Lawson
  • Artist: Maxi Dall'o, Mike Spicer
  • Cover Artist: Jake Smith
  • Product Code: JUN241037
  • Expected Ship Date: 8/14/2024
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