Star Trek 2009 Exquisite Mini Series Scotty 1/18 PX AF (Net)


From Hiya Toys. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! Hiya Toys introduces a new addition to the EXQUISITE MINI Series from Star Trek 2009: the 1/18-scale Scotty action figure! In the movie, Kirk encounters Scotty at a remote Federation outpost. Utilizing the warp transport theory discovered by Scotty in the future, Spock Prime transports both Kirk and Scotty back to the Enterprise. Returning to the Enterprise, they use this theory once again to successfully transport to Nero's ship, leading to the final battle. The EXQUISITE MINI Series Scotty figure stands 4 1/4' tall and faithfully reproduces his red engineering uniform with the Starfleet emblem. His accessories, including communicator and phaser pistol, are finely detailed, capturing his character essence at the 1/18-scale. With 17 points of articulation, it offers a wider range of motion to recreate dynamic action poses from the movie. The figure includes 2 interchangeable hand parts for different poses and a special stand with a transparent blue base featuring the Star Trek logo, immersing fans in the ambiance of the Star Trek universe!

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