Storm Collectibles Darkstalkers Morrigan 1/12 Scale AF (Net)


From Storm Collectibles. The Storm Collectibles Darkstalkers Morrigan 1/12 Scale Action Figure portrays Morrigan, the succubus leader of House Aensland in the Makai Kingdom, known for her soul-consuming nature. Despite her demonic origins, Morrigan is depicted as a benevolent ruler deeply committed to safeguarding her homeland, even in the face of the ultimate threat posed by Ultron Sigma. In this action figure, she comes with articulated wings for versatile display options, three interchangeable head sculpts capturing different expressions, and four interchangeable hair styles for customizing her appearance. Additionally, five pairs of interchangeable hands allow for diverse poses and gestures, while a leg blade effect adds realism to her combat prowess. The inclusion of Morrigan's bet enriches her character's story, making this figure a must-have for collectors and fans of the Darkstalkers series.

  • Publisher: Collectibles/Collectibles & Novelties
  • Product Code: MAR242453
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  • DCBS Price: $110.25
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