Star Trek Shuttles Collection #7 Docking Shuttle Captains Ya

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This incredible new Shuttlecraft Set 7 collects four brand new shuttles from across the STAR TREK universe brought to by STAR TREK Official Starships Collection. This collection includes: Captain's Yacht for the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, which is docked beneath its saucer section 'Spacematic'.The scout vessel of rogue trader Cyrano Jones Cargo Shuttle Type 9A, which made its debut in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual Docking Shuttle. A Federation auxiliary craft in service during the 24th century Product Features Length: approximately 3 inches (Spacematic, Cargo Shuttle Type 9A, Docking Shuttle) and 8.1 inches (Captain's Yacht) Width: approximately 2 inches (Docking Shuttle), 1.5 inches (Calypso), 1.7 inches (Spacematic) and 1.3 inches (Cargo Shuttle Type 9A) These amazingly detailed Star Trek shuttles are cast in metallic resin, includes a display stand and specially-commissioned Okudagram schematic, created by Mike Okuda precisely as he would have done if it had been used on the show. These new Okudagrams are printed on a plastic sheet with a stand for easy display.

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