D&D Owl Bear Trophy Plaque (Net) (C: 1-1-2)


An encounter with an Owlbear is a battle to remember - now you can have the trophy plaque to prove who came out victorious! The Owlbear Trophy Figure is created from foam rubber and latex that's hand-painted to show off every feather and fearsome detail. Mounted on a plaque, the Owlbear is the perfect addition to your wall of glory. The trophy plaque comes with everything you need to mount the plaque to your wall. NOTE: This wall hanging unit is a heavy object weighing approximately 16-18 pounds and professional installation is recommended. You must install this unit into structural elements (2'x4' wall studs).

  • Publisher: Games
  • Product Code: NOV202789
  • Expected Ship Date: 1/27/2021
  • DCBS Price: $437.50
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