Dracula X Frankenstein TP


TWO LEGENDARY MONSTERS, ONE SCARY VOLUME! TWO LEGENDARY MONSTERS, ONE SCARY VOLUME! Straight out of Italy, here comes a bold new take on two classic monster stories… 'Fumetti style!' Dracula x Frankenstein is the perfect graphic novel to get this year for Halloween and beyond. Jonathan Harker, a British solicitor, arrives in Transylvania to meet his client, Count Dracula. In the Count's castle, he finds himself playing the part of the bait in a cruel game that Dracula set up for his host. July 31, 1797. During an expedition to the North Pole, Captain Walton is stuck with his ship in the ice and scans the horizon. Suddenly, someone emerges from the gloom, on a dog sled. The driver is an exhausted man, Victor Frankenstein. And once he has recovered from the cold he will have to tell the captain about his near-death experience with the mysterious creature to which he himself gave life to…

  • Writer: Michele Monteleone, Giulio Antonio Gualtieri
  • Artist: Fabrizio Des Dorides, Francesco De Stena
  • Cover Artist: Fernando Dagnino
  • Product Code: NOV231110
  • Expected Ship Date: 12/13/2023
  • Regular Price: $19.90
  • DCBS Price: $12.94
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