Red Room Crypto Killaz TP


Collecting the third and final arc of the splatterpunk smash hit series, with tons of extras! Mistress Pentagram and the Red Room Players return as Crypto Killaz! careens to its boldest - and bloodiest - crescendo! In this final arc of the hit Red Room series, the arrest of the Steel City Cannibal forces his daughter into the media spotlight and under scrutiny of even more sinister forces… Then, meet... the Cryptocurrency Keeper, a rising YouTube star in the world of Bitcoin and dark web entrepreneurs, coming to you from the Dorm Room of Doom! That is, until Bitcoin crashes and bankrupts many of his followers, who hold him responsible... Meanwhile, Piskor turns back the clock with the secret history of Thomas Edison's role in the invention of modern-day red rooms, and in rumored footage of Jack the Ripper's final act! Crypto Killaz! wraps up the Red Room series with a secret origin, documenting in lurid detail every step that goes into creating the most famous Red Room persona in history - and it isn't pretty! With over a quarter-million copies sold of the series to date, Red Room has been a smash hit since its debut in 2020. Crypto Killaz! escalates the stakes, with Piskor pushing his masterpiece of modern horror in new directions and delivering the cyberpunk, outlaw, splatterpunk goods like no one else can. The book also includes Piskor's exclusive 'Director's Commentary' for virtually every page, tons of process art, sketchbook material, and other surprises exclusive to this collection. Ed Piskor is the New York Times bestselling creator of Hip Hop Family Tree and X-Men: Grand Design as well as the co-conspirator behind the YouTube channel sensation, Cartoonist Kayfabe. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Writer/Artist/Cover: Ed Piskor
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