K Is In Trouble GN HC


Like falling into a Wes Anderson film, with art reminiscent of James Marshall, this graphic novel debut from award-winning author Gary Clement follows a young boy named K as he does his best to navigate a world where everyone is astoundingly-and hilariously-unkind. K is nice, polite, and always does as he's told. K is also always, always in trouble. No matter what he does or says, it seems there is someone ready to blame him for everything. K is in trouble for going to school. K is in trouble for staying home. K is in trouble for running an errand, getting sick, or just being thirsty. K gets into trouble with imperious crows, persnickety station agents, bombastic teachers, his own classmates...even one nice fresh carp. Whether it's his easily annoyed parents or prickly pedestrians on the street, K gets on everyone's bad sideā€¦and he didn't even do anything wrong! Gary Clement takes a unique approach to the absurdities of childhood in this hilarious series opener that reinforces a timeless message: Most adults know less than a talking beetle.

  • Publisher: LITTLE BROWN INK
  • Writer/Artist: Gary Clement
  • Product Code: NOV231557
  • Expected Ship Date: 1/17/2024
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