X-Men TP Vol 01 Complete Onslaught Epic


Written by MARK WAID, SCOTT LOBDELL, TERRY KAVANAGH, JEPH LOEB & PETER DAVID Penciled by ANDY KUBERT, PASQUAL FERRY, JOE MADUREIRA, MIKE WIERINGO, MIKE DEODATO JR., ADAM KUBERT, STEVE SKROCE, ANTHONY CASTRILLO, IAN CHURCHILL & ANGEL MEDINA Cover by ADAM KUBERT It begins here! The saga that literally re-made the Marvel Universe of the 1990s is collected in chronological order across four volumes! The psionic force of nature known only as Onslaught sprang forth from the fractured psyche of mutant mentor Charles Xavier and the genetic terrorist called Magneto. Powered by his progenitors' rage, Onslaught laid siege to humanity -- touching off a cataclysmic conflict destined to deprive a world of its most revered icons! Collecting X-MEN #53-54, UNCANNY X-MEN #334-335, AVENGERS #400-401, ONSLAUGHT: X-MEN, X-MAN #18, X-FORCE #57, CABLE #34 and INCREDIBLE HULK #444.

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