Warhammer 40K Marneus Calgar #3 (of 5)


BLOODSHED ON NOVA THULIUM! • The young TACITAN takes drastic action as the secret hidden on Nova Thulium's moon comes to light! • In the 41st millennium, heretics invade the homeworld of MARNEUS CALGAR - and only he and his ULTRAMARINES can stop them! • But will Calgar's perilous battle plan save the Imperium or doom it to the corruption of chaos? Parental Advisory

  • Publisher: Marvel Comics/Marvel Heroes
  • Writer: Kieron Gillen
  • Artist: Jacen Burrows
  • Cover Artist: James Stokoe
  • Product Code: OCT200590
  • Expected Ship Date: 12/9/2020
  • Regular Price: $4.99
  • DCBS Price: $2.99
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