Alien Predator Fig Ship #10 #10 Prometheus (C: 0-1-2)


Weyland Corp's flagship spacecraft, the USCSS Prometheus was a faster-than-light Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) conceived by Peter Weyland himself as a means to travel to the distant moon LV-223 - and discover the origins of humankind. It was a quest that would end in horror and tragedy, revealing truths far darker than Weyland could accept. The Prometheus was powered by four VTOL nuclear ion plasma engines, capable of providing thrust in different directions in both planetary atmospheres and the vacuum of space. It carried over twenty vehicles, an armoury of personal weaponry, and a variety of advanced systems - including hypersleep chambers, a control room, interstellar communication antennas, spectragraph scanners, and an automated medical facility. The most iconic vessels of the Alien and Predator movie franchises, replicated in exacting detail as limited-run hand painted die cast figurines, complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

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