Marvel Comics Eaa-087 Venom PX AF (C: 1-1-2)


From Beast Kingdom. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! First bursting out of the comic pages in 1984, the exciting anti-hero Venom has been thrilling readers ever since! Classed as a symbiotic alien, this creature needs a host body to fully achieve its goals and to survive. At first a simple, slimy goo, yet once combined with a host, the new form is given ultra-powerful agility and strength! With great power, doesn't always come great responsibility with this alien life-form, instead the host will begin to exhibit signs of instability and ultimately lose their minds! Beast Kingdom is excited to recreate Venom's dark charms and menacing power in a 6' scale! Featuring a faithful recreation of Venom's bulging body, oversized mouth and tongue, as well as his strong fangs, the figure also includes replacement expressions and a movable chin! The set also includes two head sculpts, and as four different sizes of symbiotic special effects goo!

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