Front Mission Structure Arts 1/72 Mdl Kit Ser Vol 1 4Pc Ds (


From Square Enix. Introducing Structure Arts, Square Enix's first-ever plastic model kit series! The first wave includes the iconic Zenith, Giza, Drake and Numsekar designs from the Front Mission franchise. Built at 1/72 scale the Front Mission Structure Arts models are great additions to any military miniature figures and diorama displays of the same scale. Torso, arms, lower body, backpack and hand-held weapons are cross compatible between all the models in the series. Each model has a total of four hardpoints on the shoulders and arms and utility pieces, allowing you to attach weapons or shields to create your own perfect loadout! Build it as-is or paint it whatever color you please, try various ways of assembly, customize the pieces to create your own original unit, set up a diorama - with so many options to choose from, we hope you find your own way of enjoying these. Accessories: Zenith: Extra head x1, rifle x1, shotgun x1, machine gun x1, knuckle x2, turbo backpack x1, utility parts set Giza: Extra head x1, machine gun x2, shotgun x1, shield x1, repair backpack x1, utility parts set Drake: Extra head x1, bazooka x1, machine gun x1, missile launcher x1, item backpack x1, utility parts set Numsekar: Extra face parts x2, Knuckle x2, Rod x2, Machine gun x1, Shoulder weapon grenade launcher x1, Shoulder weapon gatling gun x1, Turbo backpack x1, Utility parts set included in each box: Exclusive Front Mission 1ST: Ziege rifle

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