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    Boneyard Set Vol 1-4
    (W/A/CA) Richard Moore All 4 first full color volumes in one specially priced banded set of this popular spoof of horror! Michael Paris has...
    DCBS Price: $34.99
    You save 30%!
    Breaking Ten Set
    (W) Sean Michael Wilson When David loses his wife and child in a tragic car accident he decides, in anger at the cruelty of the event, to turn...
    DCBS Price: $17.49
    You save 30%!
    Dungeon Twilight Comp Set Vol 1-4
    (W) Joann Sfar (A) Lewis Trondheim The great saga detailing the end of Dungeon has come to a close. All four books are featured here in one...
    DCBS Price: $34.99
    You save 30%!
    Silent Invasion GN Vol 01 Secret Affairs & Red Shadows
    (W) Michael Cherkas, Larry Hancock The paranoid cult-classic science fiction mystery of the early days of indie comics returns! The series will...
    DCBS Price: $11.89
    You save 30%!