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    Bigby Bear Explorer
    (W/A) Philippe Coudray Bigby is one curious bear, and his wonder takes him on adventures of all kinds! He's ready to explore the world-no, the...
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  • IGNITED-8-(MR)-(C-1-0-0)
    Ignited #8 (MR) (C: 1-0-0)
    (W) Mark Waid, Kwanza Osajyefo (A) Philippe Briones (CA) Cully Hamner Breaking out is easy. Keeping everyone alive could be impossible. First...
    DCBS Price: $2.79
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  • IN-VITRO-GN-(C-1-1-0)
    In Vitro GN (C: 1-1-0)
    (W/A) William Roy A newly wedded couple is full of life, love, and inspiration. They have everything they've always wanted except a child. From...
    DCBS Price: $12.57
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    Metal Hurlant Selected Works SC
    (W/A) Various Short Stories that appeared in the legendary magazine of the same name and that inspired the TV series, 'Metal Hurlant...
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    Nicnevin And Bloody Queen GN (MR)
    (W) Helen Mullane (A) Dom Reardon, Matthew Dow Smith (CA) Jock Something strange has been unleashed in the north of England. A modern-day druid...
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  • OMNI-6-(MR)
    Omni #6 (MR)
    (W) Melody Cooper (A) Giovanni Valetta (CA) John Cassaday Cecelia takes on the US Army! Cecelia and Mae have found the Ignited water worker...
    DCBS Price: $2.79
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    Retina GN (MR)
    (W) Benoit Riviere (A) Philippe Scoffoni One corpse. Two dead women. LA's biggest crime conspiracy. Los Angeles, 2030. Criminagent Milo Deckman...
    DCBS Price: $13.99
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    Strangelands #7 (MR)
    (W) Magdalene Visaggio, Darcie Little Badger (A) Vincenzo Federici (CA) Jon Davis-Hunt Elakshi Land and Adam Land have managed to stay one step...
    DCBS Price: $2.79
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