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  • CLITORIS-(MR)-(C-0-1-2)
    Clitoris (MR) (C: 0-1-2)
    (W) Rikke Villadsen A woman has an encounter with a tattooist that leads to pregnancy, and this unexpected event leads her on a journey of...
    DCBS Price: $22.49
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    Disney Rosa Duck Library HC Vol 04 Last Clan McDuck (C: 1-0-
    (W/A/CA) Don Rosa Uncle Scrooge, the world's richest duck, knows exactly where he got every coin he ever earned. And in this fourth book of Duck...
    DCBS Price: $19.49
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  • HEADLAND-(MR)-(C-0-1-1)
    Headland (MR) (C: 0-1-1)
    (W) Kate Schneider Following a stroke, 95-year-old Ruth wakes up in a cold, unfamiliar hospital. To escape her grim surroundings, she retreats...
    DCBS Price: $18.74
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  • KEEPING-TWO-HC-(C-0-1-1)
    Keeping Two HC (C: 0-1-1)
    (W) Jordan Crane 20 years in the making, the long-awaited graphic novel masterpiece from acclaimed cartoonist Jordan Crane. A young couple is...
    DCBS Price: $19.49
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  • LIFE-OF-CHE-HC-(C-0-1-1)
    Life of Che HC (C: 0-1-1)
    (W) Hector German Oesterheld (A) Alberto Breccia, Enrique Breccia Published in 1969, this Argentine graphic biography about Ernesto 'Che' Guevara...
    DCBS Price: $12.99
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    Mickey Mouse Zombie Coffee HC (C: 0-1-1)
    (W) Regis Loisel Award-winning French cartoonist/Disney animator Régis Loisel presents an amazing brand-new Mickey adventure - set in Mickey's...
    DCBS Price: $16.24
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  • MR-LIGHTBULB-GN-(C-0-1-1)
    Mr Lightbulb GN (C: 0-1-1)
    (W) Wojtek Wawszczyk (A) Antonia Llyod-Jones In this electrifying graphic novel debut, Polish animator and cartoonist Wojtek Wawszczyk uses...
    DCBS Price: $19.49
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    Now #11 New Comics Anthology (C: 0-1-1)
    (W) Various The two-time 2021 Eisner Award-nominated comics anthology returns for its sixth year! This first new Now of 2022 features all new...
    DCBS Price: $8.44
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    Porn Basket HC New PTG (Note Price) (MR) (C: 1-1-1)
    (W/A) Johnny Ryan This hardcover brick of a book collects 368 pages from Ryan's hilariously profane sketchbook, as originally seen on Ryan's...
    DCBS Price: $19.49
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    Red Room #4 Cvr A Piskor
    (W/A) Ed Piskor The breakout smash hit of 2021 wraps up its debut four-issue monthly 'season' with a trio of tales inspired by the great EC...
    DCBS Price: $2.59
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