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    Barely Human TP (MR)
    (W) Johnny Ryan The cartoons that keep getting Johnny Ryan banned from Instagram, collected for the first time as one big ol' exquisitely gross...
    DCBS Price: $32.49
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    Blackbird Days HC (MR)
    (W/A/CA) Manuele Fior Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Manuele Fior's Blackbird Days is a collection of ten short stories about a father who...
    DCBS Price: $14.94
    You save 35%!
    Celestia HC
    (W/A) Manuele Fior This highly anticipated new graphic novel from Manuele Fior (The Interview and 5,000 KM Per Second) showcases his singular...
    DCBS Price: $19.49
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    Fangraphics Underground Shell Collection TP
    (W/A/CA) Ron Rege Shell Collection is a compendium of comics and drawings from the first 75 issues of Ron Regé, Jr.'s minicomics series, The...
    DCBS Price: $22.49
    You save 25%!
    Fantagraphics Studio Ed HC Ed Piskor
    (W/A) Ed Piskor From Public Enemy to Professor X, this collection of scans of raw, un-retouched original art gives insight into the creative and...
    DCBS Price: $97.50
    You save 35%!
    Fantagraphics Underground In His Time Early Hemingway TP
    (W/A/CA) Jason Novak In this adaptation of the original 1924 version of In Our Time, cartoonist Jason Novak finds the graphic equivalent of...
    DCBS Price: $16.50
    You save 25%!
    Fantagraphics Underground Mystic Debris HC
    (W/A/CA) Justin Gradin Justin Gradin's stunning debut graphic novel Mystic Debris and its cast of quixotics exist in a comics continuum with Gary...
    DCBS Price: $29.99
    You save 25%!
    Fantagraphics Underground Sleep Gas GN (MR)
    (W/A/CA) Chris C. Cilla Chris Cajero Cilla's (The Heavy Hand) new book from FU Press is a collection of the artist's short stories created over...
    DCBS Price: $14.99
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    Fat Cop HC
    (W/A/CA) Johnny Ryan Upholding crime and corruption, one fast food joint at a time. Fat Cop never passes up a possible grift, a chance to use...
    DCBS Price: $19.49
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    How War Begins HC
    (W) Igort In 2022, Igort, an acclaimed Italian cartoonist of Russian descent, began taking down the testimonies of Ukrainians during the Russian...
    DCBS Price: $19.49
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