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    First Degree Crime Anthology HC
    (W) David Walker, Sydney Duncan (A) Michael Lark, J.P. Mayinga (CA) David Aja A woman lures her husband and his secret lover to an abandoned...
    DCBS Price: $19.59
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    Luisa Now Then GN
    (W) Carole Maurel, Mariko Tamaki (A/CA) Carole Maurel A disillusioned photographer has a chance encounter with her lost teenage self who has...
    DCBS Price: $20.97
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    Mpls Sound TP
    (W) Joseph Illidge, Hannibal Tabu (A) Meredith Laxton (CA) Jen Bartel Theresa Booker was hardly the first singer-songwriter to be inspired by His...
    DCBS Price: $13.99
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    Psychotic TP
    (W) Jacques Mathis, Sylvian Dorange (A/CA) Sylvian Dorange A moving autobiographical portrayal of psychosis and mental illness as shown through...
    DCBS Price: $16.09
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    Space Bastards TP Vol 01 Tooth & Mail (MR)
    (W) Joe Aubrey, Eric Peterson (A) Diego Rodriguez & Various (CA) Darick Robertson, Diego Rodriguez Acclaimed artist Darick Robertson (The Boys,...
    DCBS Price: $13.99
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