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    Athena Voltaire Terror Orient Express TP
    (W) Steve Bryant (A) Abel Cicero (CA) Steve Bryant Reuniting with an old friend, Athena travels by train from Istanbul en route to Paris when...
    DCBS Price: $9.74
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    Big Alien Moon Crush TP
    (W/A/CA) Art Baltazar The galaxy is in turmoil! Alien Planets are at war! The fate of the universe is uncertain! But somewhere amongst the...
    DCBS Price: $6.49
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    Seafoam Friend For Madison #2
    (W) Jeanine Jonee (A) Kyle Holland, Jeanine Jonee (CA) Jeanine Jonee Seafoam follows the adventures of Madison, a spunky 9-year-old girl who is...
    DCBS Price: $2.59
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    Sweetie TP Vol 01
    (W) Sean Dillon, Steven Petrivelli (A/CA) Sean Dillon Maggie isn't your typical fangirl. Through keen observation and unbending determination,...
    DCBS Price: $9.74
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    This Love So Brief One Shot
    (W/A) Fred Chao Comics creator Fred Chao put together a small collection of humorous short stories from his love life. Starting off as comical...
    DCBS Price: $2.79
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