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    Apocalypse Girl #4 (of 6)
    (W/A) Les Garner As the conflict between Pastor Jacob's flock, lead by 8-Ball and 'Mama's Girls' comes to a head, both factions are caught off...
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    Classic Pulp Ellery Queen Oneshot
    (W) Various (CA) Various Collected here are vintage tales of the world's greatest detective, Ellery Queen! Curated and digitally remastered to...
    DCBS Price: $2.80
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  • FUHRER-AND-THE-TRAMP-2-(OF-5)-(C-1-0-0)
    Fuhrer And The Tramp #2 (of 5) (C: 1-0-0)
    (W) Sean McArdle, Jon Judy (A) Dexter Wee The critically acclaimed, Eisner-nominated comic continues its first print run! While the Fuhrer seeks...
    DCBS Price: $2.79
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    Gutter Magic Smoke & Mirrors
    (W) Rich Douek (A) Fei Chen A new day dawns in the world of Gutter Magic! Cinder is back on the streets, and a dangerous new gang moves in to...
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    Hank Steiner Monster Detective #2 (MR)
    (W) Adam Schmidt (A) Tyler Sowles, Sara Dhyne After a mysterious woman walks into Hank's office, this monster finds himself in Chinatown working...
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    Parrall GN (MR)
    (W) Jason Doulgas (A) Adam Ferris (CA) Adam Ferris, Lesley Atlansky Landon is experiencing a quarter-life crisis. The decision he made in his...
    DCBS Price: $4.89
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    Remnant Oneshot
    (W) Michael Roslen (A) Karly Engracia After decades of pollution and climate have ravaged the Earth leaving it nearly uninhabitable, a young man...
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  • SKYLIN-1
    Skylin #1
    *Special Discount*
    (W) Fred Packard, Josh Valliere (A) Adam Cozart Princess Carly, being the only noble of proper age from her nation, has prepared her entire life...
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    Touching Evil #6 (of 7)
    (W/A) Dan Dougherty Everything comes to a head in this penultimate chapter of the first story arc! With all of her enemies vying to take the...
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