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    Clyde Fans HC Box Set Slipcase Edition (MR) (C: 0-1-2)
    (W/A/CA) Seth Twenty years in the making, legendary Canadian cartoonist Seth's landmark series Clyde Fans shows the rituals, hopes, and...
    DCBS Price: $38.47
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    Hark A Vagrant HC (New Ptg) (MR)
    (W/A/CA) Kate Beaton Hark! A Vagrant is an uproarious romp through history and literature seen through the sharp, contemporary lens of New Yorker...
    DCBS Price: $13.97
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    Its A Good Life If You Dont Weaken TP (MR)
    (W/A/CA) Seth While trying to understand his ennui, Seth discovers the life and work of Kalo, a forgotten New Yorker cartoonist from the 1940s....
    DCBS Price: $17.47
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    Kitaro GN Vol 01 Birth of Kitaro
    (W/A/CA) Shigeru Mizuki The Birth of Kitaro collects seven of Shigeru Mizuki's early and beloved Kitaro stories, making them available for the...
    DCBS Price: $9.07
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    Kitaro GN Vol 05 Vampire Slayer
    (W/A/CA) Shigeru Mizuki Kitaro the Vampire Slayer is the fifth volume in Shigeru Mizuki's bizarre stories about a yokai boy and his entourage of...
    DCBS Price: $9.07
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    Kitaro GN Vol 06 Yokai Battles (C: 0-1-2)
    (W/A/CA) Shigeru Mizuki Featuring seven stories by Japan's beloved monster master Shigeru Mizuki, Kitaro's Yokai Battles features some of...
    DCBS Price: $9.07
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  • PALIMPSEST-GN-(C-0-1-2)
    Palimpsest GN (C: 0-1-2)
    (W/A/CA) Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom Thousands of South Korean children were adopted around the world in the 1970s and 1980s. More than nine thousand...
    DCBS Price: $15.37
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    Palookaville HC Vol 23 (MR)
    (W/A/CA) Seth Palookaville 23 marks the culmination of twenty years of serialization: here, Clyde Fans comes to a conclusion. In this final...
    DCBS Price: $16.07
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    Seths Dominion HC
    (W) Seth, Luc Chamberland (A) Luc Chamberland, Seth The film portrait of the acclaimed Canadian cartoonist Seth is presented here as an...
    DCBS Price: $20.97
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    Step Aside Pops Hark A Vagrant Collection HC (MR)
    (W/A/CA) Kate Beaton Ida B. Wells, the Black Prince, and Benito Juárez burst off the pages of Step Aside, Pops: A Hark! A Vagrant Collection....
    DCBS Price: $13.97
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