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    Age of Tv Heroes HC
    (W) Jason Hofius (A/CA) Alex Ross The Age of TV Heroes examines the history of the live-action television adventures of everyone's favorite comic...
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  • ALTER-EGO-154
    Alter Ego #154
    In Alter Ego, Allen Bellman, artist in the original early-1940s Timely/Marvel bullpen, tells Dr. Michael J. Vassallo everything he didn't...
    DCBS Price: $7.46
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  • BACK-ISSUE-110-(C-0-1-1)
    Back Issue #110 (C: 0-1-1)
    Back Issue #110 is a 'Make Mine Marvel' issue, cover-featuring Steve Englehart's 'lost' issues of West Coast Avengers! Plus: Denny O'Neil and...
    DCBS Price: $6.71
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    Best of Draw Magazine SC Vol 03
    (W/A) Mike Manley The Best of DRAW! Volume Three collects more of the best tutorials and interviews from DRAW!, the professional 'How-To'...
    DCBS Price: $22.46
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    Captain Victory Graphite Ed
    For the first time, JACK KIRBY's original CAPTAIN VICTORY GRAPHIC NOVEL is presented as it was created in 1975 (before being broken up and...
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    Collected Jack Kirby SC Vol 06
    (W) John Morrow (A/CA) Jack Kirby As Jack Kirby continues to garner worldwide acclaim as comics' greatest creator, this trade paperback reprints...
    DCBS Price: $22.46
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    Comic Book Creator #10
    Comic Book Creator gives you a double-dose of amazing coverage as we feature a history of the short-lived but amazing Star Wars precursor, the...
    DCBS Price: $6.71
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  • DRAW-23
    Draw #23
    Draw! gets webbed up with top flight penciler Patrick Oliffe, as he demos how he produces such comics as Spider-Girl, his recent revival of Dark...
    DCBS Price: $5.96
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    Minifigure Customization SC Vol 02 Why Live I/T Box
    (W) Jared K. Burks MC2 takes an advanced look at the hobby, introducing more complex techniques to alter the lovable LEGO minifigure, and...
    DCBS Price: $8.21
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    Mlj Companion SC
    The MLJ Companion documents the complete history of Archie Comics' super-hero characters known as the 'Mighty Crusaders' - The Shield, Black...
    DCBS Price: $26.21
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