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    Deadlands HC Dead Mans Hand
    (W) Various (A) Various (CA) Steve Firchow A collection of one-shot stories set in the Weird West world of Deadlands, created by Shane Lacy...
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    Fox & Willow #1 (of 5)
    *Special Discount*
    (W) Allison Pang (A/CA) Irma 'Aimo' Ahmed Just a meal and a place to sleep in the barn… When Jessa, the miller’s daughter, offers simple comforts...
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    Miracles #1 (of 4 )Cvr A Vince Underwood
    *Special Discount*
    (W) Joe Glass (A/CA) Vince Underwood High School Senior Elliot Morgan has been obsessed with superhero comics all his life, especially Major...
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    Night of The Vegan HC
    (W) Elijah Richardson, Leroy E. Bryant II, & Alana Joli Abbott (A) Chris Yarbrough, Lee Oaks, Figue (CA) Chris Yarbrough Prosperous Lake, New...
    DCBS Price: $11.97
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