Un-Bedable Vark #1


Un-Bedable Vark & Batvark crossover; Batmite and Un-Bedable Vark, 'partners'? Batmite's Mom & The End of 'Un-Bedable'; Pimping Un-Bedable Vark; Cerebus, Dante & Virgil play Grand Theft Auto; Central Voodoo Grocery Spam; Cerebus buys Twitter; Batvark & Nietzsche Team-Up; Jingles, the Manticore and Minotaur critique Nietzsche; Batvark & The Puzzler's Macro-Enlarg-O-Ray; Cerebus vs. the Infanto-Throw-a-phobes; 'Baby-Throw Shaming'; How Can You Throw a Baby?; Jingles on Puppy-Throwing; The Strange Death of Todd McFarlane's Grey Hulk; The Manticore recovers from the Homonym Ray; Deconstructing the Batvark Codpiece.

  • Publisher: Aardvark Vanaheim
  • Writer: Dave Sim, Sandeep Atwal
  • Artist: Dave Sim, Gustave Dore
  • Cover Artist: Lee Thacker
  • Product Code: APR181173
  • Expected Ship Date: 6/27/2018
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  • DCBS Price: $2.80
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