Darques Soulside One Shot Cvr A Sanz


Dare to venture into the shadows as Master Darque and his enigmatic sister, Sandria, find themselves imprisoned in the chilling depths of Soulside within the ominous Ring of Solomon. Uncover the dark secrets that make Nicodemo tick in this eerie exploration, a journey that peels back the layers of one of the Valiant Universe's most lethal pairings. Are these siblings irreversibly tainted, rotten to the core? Think you had a handle on The Darques before? Think again. Prepare for Fred Van Lente (Jennifer Blood, Conan) to weave a haunting tale that will send shivers down your spine and redefine what you thought you knew about fear in the Valiant U. ONE-SHOT! 56 pages of story content + cardboard cover + metallic foil!

  • Publisher: VALIANT
  • Writer: Fred Van Lente
  • Artist: Sebastian Cabrol
  • Cover Artist: Salvador Sanz
  • Product Code: FEB241109
  • Expected Ship Date: 4/24/2024
  • Regular Price: $12.99
  • DCBS Price: $8.44
  • You save 35%!
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