Yakuza Fiance GN Vol 07


As Kirishima's birthday approaches he has a favor to ask from Yoshino: there's someone he'd like her to meet. They make a trip to Kirishima's childhood home, a visit with an old relative far overdue. Yoshino finally has an opportunity to learn more about her enigmatic fiancé. Meanwhile, with the Kirigaya Clan deep in murky conspiracies, the mysterious Azami schemes. When the opportunity arises to get Yoshino on her own, Azami's trap is sprung. An ambush from the shadows has Yoshino-will Kirishima get to her before it's too late?

  • Publisher: Manga
  • Writer/Artist: Asuka Konishi
  • Product Code: FEB241997
  • Expected Ship Date: 4/3/2024
  • Regular Price: $14.99
  • DCBS Price: $8.99
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