Ffxv Kingsglaive Regis Lucis Caelum Static Arts Bust (C: 1-1


The magical kingdom of Lucis, bearers of the sacred crystal. The kingdom has fought for an age against the encroaching Niflheim Empire, covetous of the crystal. The CG movie KINGSGLAIVE FINAL FANTASY XV depicts the climax of this conflict from the perspective of Lucian King Regis, supported absolutely by his people as he guides them through the crucible of war. Ruling the realm of Lucis, Regis Lucis Caelum is the 113th king of the royal line and the guardian of the realm's crystal in the CGI movie. Long has the kingdom of Lucis been at war with the Nifelheim empire, and their invading armies have seized the crystal. The bust of Regis Lucis Caelum depicts the realm's king, and the weight of his responsibilities can be seen in his furrowed brow and his lined face, lending the character both a dignity and a gentleness that can be seen in his expression. Regis' majesty as a sovereign and his kindness as a man are enthroned deep within his wise expression. This bust is given class and gravitas through its design that exhaustively captures all the fine details of the king's attire from the film, combined with refined colouring techniques that aim for a highly detailed and accurate reproduction of the character.

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