Marvel Studios Moon Knight HC Art of Series


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Steven Grant, a mild-mannered man who lives a mundane life, is plagued by blackouts and memories of an existence separate from his own. But after a fateful encounter, Steven learns that he shares a body with Marc Spector - a former mercenary and the ruthless avatar of Khonshu, Egyptian god of the moon and vengeance! Now, with Marc's enemies converging on them, Steven must learn how to adapt to this new life and work with his alter ego - even as other godly motives come into play. Continuing their popular ART OF series of tie-in books, Marvel Studios presents another blockbuster achievement! Featuring exclusive concept artwork and in-depth interviews with the creative team, this deluxe volume provides insider details about the making of the highly anticipated series!

  • Publisher: Marvel Comics/Marvel Trades
  • Writer: Jess Harrold
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