Quested #4 Cvr A Micelli


Italian artist Alessandro Micelli known for his work at Image, Valiant, and Dark Horse, brings his unique style to the world of Quested. Quested fuses the attitude of Hellboy and the fantasy-adventure spirit of Legend of Zelda as it follows the questing misadventures of pawn shop owner and morally ambiguous hero-for-hire, Jinx, through a world filled with lizard henchmen, dungeon-bosses, and unicorn burgers! 'Episode 4: Hamowulf' While journeying home from a quest, Jinx and crew stop to service Hamo's pea-sized bladder in the Great Hall of Midbraun. Despite being on a schedule, Jinx and Hamo decide to stay for just one drink. One drink turns into a night of chaos when the party is crashed by a mysterious monster. The Quested crew are conscripted by the King of Midbraun to protect a valuable item with strange origins, but Jinx has his own schemes in mind for the King's prized possession.

  • Writer: Michael Calero, Thomas Parson
  • Artist: Kit Wallis
  • Cover Artist: Alessandro Micelli
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