Fault Lines In The Constitution GN (C: 0-1-0)


The latest volume in our World Citizen Comics series, Fault Lines in the Constitution teaches readers how this founding document continues to shape modern American society. In 1787, After 116 days of heated debates and bitter arguments, the United States Constitution was created. This imperfect document set forth America's guiding principles, but it would also introduce some of today's most contentious political issues-from gerrymandering, to the Electoral College, to presidential impeachment. With colorful art, compelling discourse, and true stories from America's past and present, Fault Lines in the Constitution: The Graphic Novel sheds light on how today's political struggles have their origins in the decisions of our Founding Fathers. Children's book author Cynthia Levinson, constitutional law scholar Sanford Levinson, and artist Ally Shwed deftly illustrate how contemporary problems arose from this founding document-and then they offer possible solutions.

  • Publisher: :01 First Second
  • Writer: Cynthia Levinson, Sanford Levinson
  • Artist: Ally Shwed
  • Product Code: JUL201189
  • Expected Ship Date: 9/23/2020
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