Goobers #1 (of 3) Cvr A Ryan Lee


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Clayton Lowe is headed back to his small Southern hometown. His new friends from grad school are about to meet his old friends from high school and discover that something may have finally changed in the town where nothing ever changes: Pine Cove is ground zero for an infestation of body-snatching alien-bugs. Time to bury the past. From Cody Ziglar (Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Spider-Punk, Futurama) and Ryan Lees (Rick & Morty) comes a body-snatching splatter-fest of horror and humor!

  • Publisher: Vault Comics
  • Writer: Cody Ziglar
  • Artist: Ryan Lee
  • Product Code: JUL247640
  • Expected Ship Date: 9/4/2024
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  • DCBS Price: $2.49
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