Spider-Man By Michelinie Bagley Omnibus HC Vol 01


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One of the greatest creative collaborations in the history of Spider-Man! Fan-favorite writer David Michelinie teams with an artistic legend-in-the-making for another amazing run! Following in the huge footsteps of Todd McFarlane and Erik Larsen, Mark Bagley came out swinging - and established himself as one of the finest pencilers to ever draw Spider-Man's adventures! From the wall-crawler's daunting rematch with the Tri-Sentinel - this time without Captain Universe powers - to the savage debut of the psychopathic symbiote, Carnage, and the Invasion of the Spider-Slayers, these are some of the most spectacular Spidey tales of all…and they culminate with the shocking return of Peter Parker's parents, and a status-quo shattering Spider-Man vs. Venom fight as only Bagley can draw it! COLLECTING: Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 351-375, Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964) 25-26, material from Spectacular Spider-Man Annual (1979) 11-12, Web of Spider-Man Annual (1985) 7-8, New Warriors Annual (1991) 2 Rated T

  • Publisher: Marvel Comics/Marvel Trades
  • Writer: David Michelinie, Various
  • Artist: Mark Bagley, Various
  • Cover Artist: Mark Bagley
  • Product Code: NOV230683
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