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    Forever Maps GN
    (W) Michael Lagace (A) Todor Hristov In 1794, a man is given a map. When he follows it, he finds an identical map with a new destination. This...
    DCBS Price: $9.09
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    Mindbender TP Vol 01
    (W) James Pruett (A/CA) Federico De Luca Collecting the complete six issues of Scout's critically-acclaimed break-out hit! At the tender age of...
    DCBS Price: $13.99
    You save 30%!
    Princess Revolution TP
    (W/A/CA) Elaine Tipping Special NOSNTOP! Imprint trade paperback where Scout releases a World Premiere issue followed by the entire story in a...
    DCBS Price: $10.49
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    Shiver Bureau GN
    (W/A/CA) Walt Ostlie Collecting all seven issues! A cross between Sherlock Holmes and Ghostbusters, Shiver Bureau is the tale of a formidable...
    DCBS Price: $13.99
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    Solar Flare TP Vol 01
    (W) James Haick (A/CA) Branko Jovanovic Where were you when the world went dark? Society begins to unravel after a solar flare strikes Earth...
    DCBS Price: $12.59
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    Stabbity Bunny TP Vol 01
    (W) Richard Rivera (A) Dwayne Biddix From the kidnapping of seven-year-old Grace to the terrifying reveal in issue six, this volume collects the...
    DCBS Price: $13.99
    You save 30%!
    Tinkers of Wasteland GN
    (W/A/CA) Raul Trevino Collecting all four issues! In a post-apocalyptic world, three young mildly-deranged orphans, find that the chickens...
    DCBS Price: $11.89
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