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    Flower & Fade GN
    (W/A/CA) Jesse Lonergan Kyle has just settled in to his new city and job. He doesn't know anyone around but it's comfy enough in its boring...
    DCBS Price: $9.77
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    Initiates GN
    (W/A/CA) Etienne Davodeau The sold out hardcover now in paperback. A nominee for the Slate Cartoonist Studio Award and winner of Gourmand...
    DCBS Price: $13.99
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    Lincoln Hghway 750 GN
    (W) Bernard Chambaz (A) Barroux 'I hate marathons. Hate running. An hour before leaving, I received a text. Instead of 'Good luck,' it was...
    DCBS Price: $9.09
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    Lulu Anew HC
    (W/A/CA) Etienne Davodeau At the end of yet another unproductive job interview, Lulu, on a whim, takes off for the shore just to get away from it...
    DCBS Price: $19.59
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    Pride of The Decent Man HC
    (W/A/CA) T. j. Kirsch In a sleepy New England town, Andrew Peters is born into an abusive family. As he grows older, he seems to be on the right...
    DCBS Price: $13.99
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    Trailers HC
    (W) Mark Kneece (A) Julie Collins Josh Clayton's mother has killed a man and left Josh in charge of disposing of the body. The trouble is, the...
    DCBS Price: $12.57
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    Zombillenium Banded Set
    (W/A/CA) Arthur de Pins Specially priced set of the 4 volumes out in this bestselling series. Francis von Bloodt, vampire, a good family man,...
    DCBS Price: $32.89
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