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    200 GN (C: 0-1-0)
    (W) Jennifer Brody (A) Jules Rivera It's Eva Thorne's 200th birthday. But it's not a celebration, more like a funeral. Eva lives in a world where...
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    2000 Ad Art of Kevin O`Neill Apex Ed HC (C: 0-0-2)
    (A/CA) Kevin O'Neill An incredible insight into the art of one of comics' most unique talents, The 2000 AD Art of Kevin O'Neill: Apex Edition...
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    2020 Visions TP (MR)
    (W) Jamie Delano (A) Steve Pugh & Various How well did we see tomorrow? Better get ready, cause it's almost here. Jamie Delano (Hellblazer),...
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    2021 TP Vol 01 (C: 0-0-1)
    (W) Stephane Betbder (A) Stephane Bervas Escape from New York meets the X-Men! It's 2021, Detroit has seceded from the United States and it's...
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    2024 GN HC Ed (MR)
    (W/A) Ted Rall Move forward two decades. See the world as the giant media moguls and software companies have become our new big brothers. They...
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    27 Run HC
    (W) Justin Zimmerman (A) Russell Brown, Fran Gamboa (CA) Clayton Crain Bi-polar A.I. Irradiated wasteland. A subversive/existential black-comedy...
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    39 Clues GN Vol 01 Maze of Bones (C: 0-1-2)
    (W) Rick Riordan (A) Ethan Young The graphic novel adaptation of the mega-bestseller that launched a global phenomenon! Minutes before she died...
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    50 Years Lupin The 3Rd HC (C: 0-1-2)
    (W) Reed Nelson (A/CA) Various A celebration of the beloved anime sensation LUPIN THE 3rd with a comprehensive look back at 50 years of...
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    7 Good Reasons Not To Grow Up HC GN (C: 0-1-0)
    (W/A/CA) Jimmy Gownley The kids at prestigious Greycliff Academy are in for a surprise when their hero, Kirby Finn, turns out to be something...
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    7Th Garden GN Vol 01 (MR) (C: 1-0-1)
    (W) Mitsu Izumi By Mitsu Izumi Synopsis Awyn tries to be the perfect gardener-and perfect man-to win over his human mistress. But when he...
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