Fantagraphics Underground Mystic Debris HC


Justin Gradin's stunning debut graphic novel Mystic Debris and its cast of quixotics exist in a comics continuum with Gary Panter's Jimbo, Mark Beyer's Amy and Jordan, and Marc Bell's Shrimpy and Paul. Whizbang is a metalhead whose band, Fascinator, has left him for stardom. His wife, Planchette, has left with their newborn baby. He leaves himself for a shimmy up the astral projector stripper pole, to hang with cosmic dust bunnies in a quest for enlightenment, or at least in a quest to avoid a job at the door factory.

  • Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
  • Writer/Artist/Cover: Justin Gradin
  • Product Code: NOV231473
  • Expected Ship Date: 12/13/2023
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