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    Carthago TP Origins
    (W) Christophe Bec (A) Ennio Bufi Gargantuan prehistoric sharks, aquatic civilizations, and a sinister centenarian… It's been twelve years...
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    Little Josephine TP Memory In Pieces
    (W) Valerie Villieu (A) Raphael Sarfati A visiting nurse takes on a patient with Alzheimer's and is invited into her strange, beautiful and often...
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  • OMNI-7-(MR)
    Omni #7 (MR)
    (W) Melody Cooper (A) Giovanni Valetta (CA) Mirka Andolfo While people across the globe are igniting, so are cultural tensions. It's now up to...
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    Omni TP
    *Special Discount*
    (W) Devin Grayson (A) Alitha Martinez (CA) Dave Johnson If ignition is the next step in human evolution, what are the consequences for planet...
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    Strangelands #8 (MR)
    (W) Magdalene Visaggio, Darcie Little Badger (A) Vincenzo Federici (CA) Jon Davis-Hunt At long last-the mystery of 'Kittyhawk' revealed! Unable...
    DCBS Price: $2.79
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