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    Adventures of Mr Crypt & Baron Rat TP
    (W) Troy Vevasis (A/CA) Aleksandar Jovic Whether they're searching for Bigfoot or driving an incredible race, these two friends are always up for...
    DCBS Price: $10.47
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    Alterna Giants Cyko Ko #1
    (W/A/CA) Rob Feldman 80+ pages of giant-sized fun can be found in every Alterna GIANTS issue! Introducing SuperEarth's greatest hero, Cyko KO!...
    DCBS Price: $3.49
    You save 30%!
  • BLOOD-REALM-VOL-3-3-(OF-3)-(MR)
    Blood Realm Vol 3 #3 (of 3) (MR)
    (W/A/CA) Robert Geronimo War is unleashed upon Mhordrin as the armies of the Unbridled One face Targanus' forces in one final battle. And with...
    DCBS Price: $1.05
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  • ICYMI-17
    Icymi #17
    (W) Troy Vevasis (A/CA) Aleksandar Jovic In Case You Missed It... Here It Is Again! Mr. Crypt wins a vacation to a beautiful secluded island but...
    DCBS Price: $0.88
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  • XII-VOL-2-1-(OF-5)-(MR)
    XII Vol 2 #1 (of 5) (MR)
    (W) Patrick Trahey (A/CA) Luis Suarez Twin brothers, Michael and Nathan grew up in the shadow of death itself. Their grandmother claimed the land...
    DCBS Price: $1.39
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