Canadian Vark #1


Now! With No Reprints! Book Length All-In-One Issue! Cerebus' Canadian Inaugural Address, 2020; Cerebus is his own Bioethics Mandarin; Cerebus beheads everyone at a campaign stop; Cerebus as 'Mecca/Jerusalem/Vatican City'-style candidate; Voluntary carbon tax paid only by environmentalists; Nutrient-dense Locavore Eco-magno variant systems; Friedrich Nietzsche, Environment Minister; Dancing With The Inconvenient Stars starring Jennifer Lopez as Al Gore; The Whore of Babylon serializes her diary online from when she was Cerebus' intern; the three answers that answer ANY question in a Liberal or NDP riding; Cerebus, Political Jargon Monster; 'And Men Shall Call Him H.E.L.O.C.' Batvark and Woolly-Bully's Sacred African Mask of Doom.

  • Publisher: Aardvark Vanaheim
  • Writer: Dave Sim
  • Artist: Dave Sim, Gustave Dore
  • Cover Artist: Lee Thacker, Benjamin Hobbs
  • Product Code: OCT181300
  • Expected Ship Date: 1/2/2019
  • Regular Price: $4.00
  • DCBS Price: $1.80
  • You save 55%!
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